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What to do when you are setting up a new company in Ireland

So you have an idea for a new business.  Maybe you are going to strike out on your own but stay in the same industry or profession, or go a completely new route.  The vision is clear for you in relation to what you want to achieve.  But what to do for administration, accounting and tax?

You can call on OSA McQuillan to help you when you are setting up a new company in Ireland.  We are a firm focused on our local market - as Dublin accountants we also look after many customers outside of Ireland.

We can help and advise on many different aspects:

How much does it cost to set up a new company in Ireland?

What taxes do I have to register for?

What are the limits in terms of sales for the various taxes?

How can I pay myself, and what is the administration involved?

What sort of records do I need to keep - paperwork, accounts packages and so forth?

All these issues can be a bit of a buzzkill when you are setting up your new business, so let us take that hasle away from yu.  We can look after your accounts once a month, once a year or any frequency that suits you and the business.  We can do your payroll admin, Companies Office returns and all VAT returns.  We can update your accounts as often as you want them to be updated, and we have packages that are scaleable to whatever size your business is - from one part-timer up to hundreds of employees.  Depending on how you want to go, we can give you accounts up to date every week, month or quarter so that you are on top of your income and expenses as often as you want to be.

If you are based outside of Ireland and are interested in setting up a business here you can order a copy of our guide here