Look at your advertising again


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Space advertising – newspapers and magazines are a traditional place for advertising, and while a declining number of people actually read newspapers, for some age groups and categories of customer advertising is a good spend of your budget.  Sometimes trade magazines have a longer shelf life, and if you don’t already know what publications your customers already read now is the time to find out.


Internet advertising – you can place ads with internet search engines, but the jury is out on whether these adverts are actually worth paying for.  As with all advertising, carefully select your keywords, then try to measure the response so that you can assess if you are getting value for money.  


You might want to try some more innovative internet advertising, such as asking your customers or suppliers to place a link to your website on their website, which will lead to more traffic to your website and to theirs.  This latter approach should cost you nothing, and may produce results.

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Social networking sites have become popular, however as they are new, they jury is still out on whether they are useful to promote a business, or are just a distraction.  The fact that they are perceived as being useful may be a measure of how good the marketing of the social website themselves is, rather than any effect they have on customers behaviour.


You could sponsor something that your group of customers will see in the future.  If you approach the question of ‘how do I get people to think about my business first when they think about widgets?’, you may open your mind to other forms of advertising that you haven’t looked at before.  For example you could sponsor a local sports team, so your name will be there every match played by the under-age soccer team.  If you sell to builders perhaps you could sponsor a horse race and invite a mix of your own customers and potential customers.


Suffice to say that ll aspects of the business should be examined to yield cheap advertising opportunities.  for example, do you and your staff wear a uniform?  Could you do that, or is it the done thing in your industry?


Many cyclists wear high visibility vests while cycling – can you get some printed and distribute them to your customers?  Motorists need to have a high visibility vest in their cars now, so you would definitely have a ‘to keep’ item to put in your customers hands if you had ones printed with your business name on it to hand to them.


There are a large number of items you can get to promote your business and to hand to your customers without a big cost to you.  Here is a list for your use:






You can see more about my company at or if you want to make an appointment to see me you can phone +353 1 283 4123.