Increase Sales
There is one sure-fire way to increase sales to your customers – first of all get in front of more qualified leads.  Average time spent in front of customers for lot of salespeople

Income Tax for 2018

Do you wonder what your Income Tax bill will be for 2018?  We set out below a table of amounts you will pay as a single person with a personal allowance and a PAYE allowance, depending on the amount you earn:

How to set up a company and what boooks to keep
To set up a limited company in Ireland, you need at least 2 directors, one of whom is willing to act as secretary

Research and Development Expenditure – Tax relief
There are new tax benefits available to companies for spending on research and development. The tax treatment in Ireland has changed recently to encourage such spending

What do you need to know from us? Frequently asked questions

Liquidations – issues for the directors to consider in the run-up to a liquidation

If you are a director of a business that goes into liquidation, what areas of your behaviour comes under scrutiny:

Shareholders agreements

Shareholders agreements are documents that set out the plans and responsibilities of the shareholders. The reason companies draw them up is to prevent disagreements amongst shareholders.

Employment contracts

Unless an employer issues an employment contract, the relationship between an employee and his or her employer is governed by the various laws in the employment area. Therefore to mitigate the undesired effects that employment law can have on this relationship, our advice is to at least consider issuing each employee with an employment contract.

Business Valuations

What is the value my business and how can I increase it?
The owners of businesses which look at the value of the business on a regular basis are able to identify factors which are impacting on value and need to be addressed. They are also able to identify opportunities to enhance the value of the business. 

Tax Arrears

If you have a business that has tax arrears, the following steps may make your life easier:
·File all returns outstanding – this way you avoid penalties for late filing, even if you are not in a position to pay the tax due

Directors Responsibilities

Directors responsibilities are many and varied but the following list covers the important issues:

Keep proper books and records so that the financial position of the company can be determined quickly

Mileage rates for employees

Revenue have agreed mileage rates for employees who use their own cars in the course of their work.

Business Plan

A business plan is a document that contains a profile of your company, and a vision of its future. You may present it to potential lenders, investors and partners, and you may also use it internally to plan for the future of your business.

Making a Will

If you make a will you are ensuring that:

Your estate is manageed as you would wish;
You can plan your tax affairs can be availed of;
Your business assets are protected and you have as much control as possible over where they end up;
That you estate is managed in a timely way and keeps costs down.

Redundancy – A brief summary of issues that may arise

1. What is “redundancy” and in what circumstances can employees be made redundant?
“Redundancy” arises where an employer wants to reduce its total number of employees or wants to close down a business completely.
In the case of reduction of the number of employees this normally happens either because (a) the work of particular employees is no longer required or (b) the work of particular employees can be spread around other employees without taking on additional employees

What is Venture Capital

Venture Capital is money invested in the share capital of a business to help it grow rapidly. Businesses that look for this sort of investment should be in a sector that has high growth prospects, may have barriers to entry from competitors

Time Management

1. Be Ruthless with Time
When it comes to time management, be ruthless with time, but always gracious with people.

2. Put in time to save time.
Spending ten minutes sorting out paperwork or planning the week ahead, is time well spent.

Systemising your business

Of all the things you can do to help build value in your business, building a system to run and manage your business may be the single best thing you can do to create that value.

This means that you remove yourself from the centre of the web of systems that you have built as a business owner and set your colleagues and staff free to do the work they are paid to do without interference, help or guidance from you, the owner.