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Client Agreement Form

Please fill in the short form below to register with us.  As a result, you will never worry about your tax or accounts affairs again as we will look after them for you.

Print out this form and email, fax or post it to us.

If you are a one employee company, and you have a few invoices each month, our fixed monthly fee is just €195 plus VAT. You can claim this fee against tax.

For newly incorporated companies, or companies not already set up we have special offers - please contact our office.

If you have any question about accounts or tax or how to register with us and be a client please contact Eamon O’Sullivan at 01 283 4123 or

Please only fill out this form if you would like to make OSA McQuillan your accountants and be a client of the company.


What OSA McQuillan will do for you

  1. Send you Company Year-End Accounts which will be to be given to you within 30 days of us getting all the key data from you.*
  2. Send Abridged Company Accounts if needed.
  3. Director’s tax return. The first income tax return that we will be file with is for the year ending 31st December 2017.
  4. Corporation Tax filing.
  5. Sort out VAT returns.
  6. Dealing with the Revenue Commissioners.
  7. Dealing with Companies Office.
  8. Payroll admin.
  9. Electronic filing of P35 Form End of Year Payroll Return.
  10. Tax and accounts advice meaning you can get help when you need it.


To provide a great accounts service to you

What we’ll ask of you

  1. Email your purchases and sales invoices.
  2. Send any letters you receive from Companies Registration Office, or the Revenue Commissioners office as soon as you receive them. We can deal with issues as they come up.
  3. And finally each month send us copies of your bank statements for the year in CSV format.


Our Fees

Our fees are €195 plus VAT per month for a one employee business. Fees are paid by 12 Standing Orders so you have full control. There are no extra costs when you join us as a client or for leaving.

* Before we get year end accounts ready we need to get 12 monthly payments from you after you register with us.  This price is for services companies, for trading companies please phone for a quote.